Age of Revolution


Curriculum links 
Design and Technology:
-Pupils will develop their knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an interative process of designing and making.
-Pupils will understand how key events and individuals in design and technology have helped shape the world.

-Pupils make a local history study 

Activities and lessons related to Elsecar Heritage Centre
Barnsley Museums worked with Year 5s from Jump Primary school to create an animated projection of the internal workings of the Newcomen Beam Engine. Pupils used TagTool and Dynamapper to create their animations on iPads in a series of workshops with artists Wayne Sables and Steve Pool. A launch event projecting pupils finished installations onto the Newcomen Engine building at Elsecar Heritage was attended by parents, families and teachers from the school.

These resources explain how you can carry out the project in your own setting and include films and lesson plans to help you on your way.

For some more ideas for activities related to Elsecar Heritage Centre, have a look at these resources designed to accompany our Elsecar Heritage Centre loan box here

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Please be aware of our current venue closures and restrictions: 

  • Elsecar Heritage Centre will be partially closed.The only businesses that will remain open (as per Government guidelines) will be; 

Pauls Natural Foods 

Maison Du Beer (open as an off-license and for consumption strictly away from site) 

Hot Metal Press (open for business but taking all enquiries over the phone) 

Public access will be retained at Blacksmiths Square to provide access to one toilet block and the two businesses.

All car parks and other public entrances will be closed.


All scheduled events and exhibition openings at all sites have been cancelled for the next twelve weeks to combat the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).  

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