Barnsley's Greatest Treasures

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The final object has been revealed and you now have 2 weeks to choose your favourite from the wonderful pieces included in list.

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The winner will be announced at the Friends of Archives Social event on 9th Monday March.

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Swaithe Main Colliery relief book, 1876

143 men and boys lost their lives on December 6th 1875 due to an explosion at Swaithe Main Colliery in Worsbrough. This original relief fund volume details the payments made to their families.

Barnsley Museums

Death Penny, First World War

Death Penny, First World War. Private Harry Sargeant from Barnsley died in action in France in May 1917. He was 26 years old and worked at Rylands before the war. Experience Barnsley Museum collection.


Burland’s Annals of Barnsley, 19th century

The Annals of Barnsley and Environs is a chronological account of events in Barnsley from 1744 to 1864. Written by Barnsley-born Chartist John Hugh Burland over many years, the handwritten volumes and notes are rich with local history, which often cannot be found elsewhere. A project to fully transcribe the volumes is currently underway.

Barnsley Museums

Vase by Joe Juster for William de Morgan, c.1890.

Vase by Joe Juster for William de Morgan, c.1890. An example of work from the Arts and Crafts period, an influential movement advocating the quality of art, design and life in the face of mass industrialisation. (V&A Grant Purchase) Cannon Hall Museum collection.


Barnsley Burgess Roll, 1869

Compiled just after Barnsley’s incorporation as a borough, this handwritten burgess roll records all the 1550 men in the borough who were entitled to vote. It also details the property that gave them that entitlement.

Barnsley Museums

Hurricane before St Malo' by Eugène Louis Gabriel Isabey (1803-1886)

Hurricane before St Malo' by Eugène Louis Gabriel Isabey (1803-1886). Oil on canvas. This large and dramatic painting is one of several Isabey paintings collected by Samuel Joshua Cooper of Barnsley. Cooper Gallery Trustees collection.


Oliver Cromwell petition, 1654

Signed boldly by a man recently voted one of the ‘Greatest Britons’ – Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell, this document is a petition from Yorkshire landowner John Savile, requesting payment for his role as Teller of the Exchequer.

Barnsley Museums

Bronze Roman bracelet, 2nd to 3rd century AD

Bronze Roman bracelet, 2nd to 3rd century AD. An archaeological find from Billingley and one of several pieces of evidence of Roman life here. Experience Barnsley Museum collection.


Cawthorne rights of way dispute map, c1628

This early illustrated map concerns a right of way dispute at Cawthorne. Despite lacking the accuracy of modern Ordnance Survey maps, it is possible to navigate your way around the map, with places such as Cawthorne Church and Barnby Hall being prominently featured.

Barnsley Museums

Emile Gallé vase, late 19th century

Emile Gallé vase, late 19th century. This French glass artist was one of major figures in the French Art Nouveau movement. Cannon Hall Museum collection.


Barnsley Local Board of Health minute book, 1853-1864

Boards of health were local authorities in urban areas of England and Wales in the 19th century, formed in response to cholera epidemics. This handwritten minute book for the Barnsley Board deals with issues such as local water, sanitation, lighting and nuisances.


A View of Old Bregenz

A View of Old Bregenz, Austria' by Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851). A vibrant and colourful sketch by one of the world's most famous artists. Cooper Gallery Trustees collection.