Competition Winners


Hear My Voice has been generously funded by Barnsley TUC Training Ltd and programmed and delivered by Barnsley Museums

In 2017 we held our first poetry competition, open to all ages. You can read the winning poems below;

Children’s category

1st place  - Daniel Barron- ‘My Home Town’

2nd place - Theo Jagger- ‘The Barnsley Guide’.

Young People Category

1st place - Eloise Unerman - Will I Miss This Tarn ?  

2nd plance - Pijus Bruzas -  Meaning


1st place - Sue Riley - New House

2nd place - Bronwen Barber -  Shift    


My Home Town (96.1K, .DOCX)

My Home Town

The Barnsley Guide (94.4K, .DOCX)

The Barnsley Guide

Will I miss this Tarn (99.4K, .DOCX)

Will I miss this Tarn

Meaning (94.5K, .DOCX)


New House (94.6K, .DOCX)

New House

Shift (94.6K, .DOCX)