Ian McMillan, Barnsley’s Poet Laureate

Hear My Voice has been generously funded by Barnsley TUC Training Ltd and programmed and delivered by Barnsley Museums

Ian McMillan has been inaugurated as Barnsley’s first ever Poet Laureate to drive the Hear My Voice project forward. Within his role he has created a plethora of poetic works to mark and interpret key events in Barnsley’s calendar, and acted as a Champion and ambassador for the programme.

You can find Ian’s poems by clicking the downloads below:


A Sonnet for Elsecar (103.9K, .PDF)

Hear My Voice (182.3K, .PDF)

Line Dancing (105.0K, .PDF)

Memories Dividend (266.9K, .PDF)

Pedaller of Glory (186.3K, .PDF)

Picasso in Barnsley (194.9K, .PDF)

Somme 100 (186.4K, .PDF)

What the Team Did (102.9K, .PDF)

Under December Skies (185.6K, .PDF)

Brass Fills the Air (191.6K, .PDF)

Here Comes The Engine (186.5K, .PDF)