Schools involvement

Local primary schools have worked with Experience Barnsley Museum’s learning team to find out more about the First World War and the Battle of the Somme, and the impact the war had on our town.

They had the opportunity to handle real artefacts from the war and to explore the stories of local soldiers, to gain a better understanding and insight into their lives. They also took part in an arts workshop to design and model individual medals as part of their Arts Awards. Their plasticiene models were then cast in plaster by the artists for inclusion in the finished artwork. Each of the  10 schools involved in the project has been allocated 3 acrylic panels for their artwork. Each panel has 5 sections, and every section has 2 named soldiers presented and 1 plaster medal attached. The remaining medals are displayed on rails.

To design their medals, pupils were asked to think about what is special to them, what would they want to take with them if they were going to war, to remind them of home and of loved ones. This could be an object or a memory, but something very personal to them. Every medal is unique, reflecting the pupil’s own thoughts and ideas. Each medal has a written statement explaining the design. The list below shows the reference numbers for the panel sections and plaster medals to each school. 

The list below shows the reference numbers for the panel sections and plaster medals to each school.  There is also a download for each school showing the artwork, the pupil's written ideas and their plasticiene models.


Birdwell panel numbers 1 - 15  plaster medals 151 - 165

Cherry Dale panel numbers 16 - 30 plaster medals 166 - 183  

Kings Oak panel numbers 31 - 45 plaster medals 184 - 185 

Darfield panel numbers 46 - 60 plaster medals 186 - 188 

Silkstone panel numbers 61 - 75 plaster medals 189 - 203 

Penistone St Johns panel numbers 76 - 90 plaster medals 204 - 249 

Summer Lane panel numbers 91 - 105 plaster medals 250 - 291 

Gawber anel numbers 106 - 120 plaster medals 292 - 303 

Cawthorne panel numbers 121 - 135 plaster medals 304 - 312 

Oxspring panel numbers 136 - 150 plaster medals 313 - 321 

Birdwell Somme artwork (889.3K, .PDF)

Cawthorne Somme artwork (769.3K, .PDF)

Darfield Somme artwork (575.1K, .PDF)

Gawber Somme artwork (906.8K, .PDF)

Kings Oak Somme artwork (653.8K, .PDF)

Oxspring Somme artwork (820.5K, .PDF)

Silkstone Somme artwork (888.4K, .PDF)