Soldiers research

Research on the exact number and names of the men that fell on the first day has proved to be extremely challenging. Local volunteers and the Archives Service have searched records and original newspapers to verify names and images of these men. Local families have also donated pictures for the project. This artwork is the first ever representation of this group of men and even though the artwork is now fixed, the work to honour them continues as ongoing research brings new names and images to light.  Whilst the artwork has focused on the men who fell on the first day, it acts as a tribute to all those Barnsley men who fought in the war.

For around half these men, records also show where they lived or were born in and where possible, the  soldiers have been arranged in the artwork in relation to the schools nearest these locations. This portrayal reflects the way in which recruitment was undertaken, particularly the famous PALS regiments, where soldiers from the same areas or even the same streets proudly enlisted together.

Each section on each panel is numbered and a reference list has been compiled. This list also includes clarification on specific names and source images and will be updated as new research comes to light. Images exist from a variety of sources, and whilst an image may not appear on the artwork this does not mean that there is now not one available. Please also note, that some images were not suitable to be used on the artwork due to their quality or format. The reference list can be downloaded below

Images on the reference list are held by Barnsley Archives and Local Studies and further information can be obtained by contacting the Archives and Discovery Centre on 01226 773950 or


Online soldier information (415.2K, .PDF)

Online soldier information