Museum Makes: Easter Holidays

Barnsley Museums have an eggcellent Easter planned with lots of eggciting activities happening in both our outside spaces or from the comfort of your home.

We have everything from walks, sports and scavenger hunts to cooking, crafts, and storytelling for endless hours of fun.

Download the activity sheets and enjoy!


Pit Ponies

(PDF, 589 KB)

Have a go at making a walking paper pony using just a piece of card.

Download file - Pit Ponies

Pine Cone Owl

(PDF, 1.18 MB)

Inspired by wildlife found at Cannon Hall Museum, Park and Gardens. Have a go at making your own owl out of a Pinecone, scrap paper and leaves.

Download file - Pine Cone Owl

Nature Hunt

(PDF, 611 KB)

See what wildlife you can spot on your next visit to Cannon Hall Museum, Park and Gardens and see if you can spot everything on this activity sheet.

Download file - Nature Hunt

Flower Stall

(PDF, 11.7 MB)

Have a go at creating your own still life, using a viewfinder to look closer to shapes.

Download file - Flower Stall

Roll Up Role Play

(PDF, 4.83 MB)

Have you watched out market day film yet? Why not make your own role play market stall to play with at home?

Download file - Roll Up Role Play

Boxing Clever

(PDF, 5.53 MB)

Have a go at the boxing challenges in the activity sheet below and see what training to be a champion boxer is like.

Download file - Boxing Clever