Museum Makes: February Half Term

We hope you enjoy our activities as part of our Barnsley Museums Makes Half Term event!

Try some fun activties at home!

Adventure Stick

(PDF, 889 KB)

Using items collected on our Winter Bird Walk at Worsbrough Mill, create your own adventure stick to remember your walk.

Download file - Adventure Stick

Biram's Lamp

(PDF, 2.83 MB)

Learn about Benjamin Biram's idea to create a safety lamp for when working in the mines and try and create your own lamp out of card.

Download file - Biram's Lamp

Bird Seed Cakes

(PDF, 936 KB)

Create your own bird seed cakes for the birds that visit your garden.

Download file - Bird Seed Cakes

Clay Cat

(PDF, 1.34 MB)

Why not have a go at making your own cat or a pet of your choice out of clay...

Download file - Clay Cat

Indiana Jones Adventure

(PDF, 3.2 MB)

Are you a fan of the Indiana Jones films? If so then why don't you try out our Indiana Jones inspired activities below...

Download file - Indiana Jones Adventure

Love Heart Pizza

(PDF, 1.47 MB)

Have a go at making your own heart shaped pizza for a Valentine's Day treat!

Download file - Love Heart Pizza

Pine Cone Feeder

(PDF, 1010 KB)

Look after the winter birds which visit your garden or nearby outside space, by making your own bird feeder.

Download file - Pine Cone Feeder

Time for Tea

(PDF, 2.58 MB)

Use our simple recipes to set up a fun role play café for your friends and family.

Download file - Time for Tea