Brains in a Dish

Brains in a Dish brings exciting, immersive art and science installations to Barnsley Museums’ Digital Space @ The Glass Works and The Cooper Gallery.

Artist Charlie Murphy and engineer Robin Bussell use an array of playful digital tools, lights, projections, robotic lasers, discos and glass sculptures to explore the dementia research of Prof. Selina Wray.

Wray grew up in Barnsley and now leads dementia research at the University College in London. Prof. Selina Wray and her team are using cutting edge technologies to investigate the underlying causes of dementias.

The Brains in a Dish exhibition at The Cooper Gallery presents dramatic, intricate glass sculptures animated by robotic lights and videos, whilst in the Digital Space, an array of playful, interactive tools and projections invite you to animate colourful brain imagery using your hands and bodies.

This event is supported by Alzheimer's Research UK, Arts Council England, Barnsley Council and the Barnsley Museums & Heritage Trust.

Brains in a Dish
Film stills & artworks : © Charlie Murphy