Brains in a Dish

Once you have visited the Brains In Dish exhibition at The Cooper Gallery make sure you visit the Digital space at Barnsley Museums & The Glass Works where artist Charlie Murphy and engineer Robin Bussell have developed an array of playful digital tools which invite you to explore some of the amazing colourful scientific imagery used in dementia research.

You are invited to explore the Brainscan Headdress and the Brain-Body-Interface to learn about the brain and gain deeper understandings of how dementias impact brain health. 

Murphy & Bussell’s Brainscan Headdress visualises live feeds of brain activity across colourful fibre optics. Participants are invited to explore how these colours and patterns of light change between states of relaxation and concentration.

The innovative Brain-Body-Interface invites you to interactively explore some of the amazing scientific images used to study real people’s brains and brain tissues grown in the lab.  Bussell’s interface uses machine learning neural networks to recognise specific parts of the body and the face. Your movements will navigate through beautifully intricate layers and spaces of brain images, captured by microscopes and MRI scanners.

This selection of cutting-edge scientific imagery used in the Body-Brain-Interface is kindly contributed by Wray Lab, Dementia Research Centre (MIRIAD XNAT Database), University of London and Dr Eric Hill (Aston University).


You have until 14 January 2023 to see the exhibtion at The Cooper Gallery and 20 November 2022 to take part in the immersive experience at The Glass Works

Brains in a Dish is financially supported by Barnsley Museums & Heritage trust, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Alzheimer Research UK’s Inspire Fund and the National Lottery through Arts Council England.