Relaxed Opening - Saturday 9 December

Exhibition display with glass windows

Come along to our relaxed openings, which are designed for visitors who would prefer a quieter experience in the museum.

Interactives will be turned down or off to create a quieter experience for visitors who prefer it. There are a small number of interactives that are on motion sensors and cannot be turned off. We can never guarantee how quiet or busy Experience Barnsley might be during these sessions, however, we will not book in any groups or school visits during these days.

In the rare event of a security case alarm being triggered, an alarm similar to a fire alarm will go off. We will endeavour to turn this off as quickly as possible. Ear defenders are available in our sensory backpacks for your visit. The alarm is less audible in the shop, which will provide a quieter environment.

There is seating provided around the museum should you need it.