Audio Description

Welcome to the Barnsley Museums object audio descriptions. Following training with Vocal Eyes members of the Barnsley Museums team chose their favourite object from the unique collections of The Cooper Gallery, Experience Barnsley and Cannon Hall Museum. Each staff member then wrote a script which was checked by Vocal Eyes before recording their own audio description. We will be adding more audio descriptions to this playlist in the future.


Select an image below to listen to the audio desciption on SoundCloud or check out the full playlist here:

Peggy Airey by Abel Hold (1815-1896).Oil on canvas.

Bronze Age bronze spearhead, 1400-1000 BC.

Coal not Dole Helmet, Women Against Pit Closures, 1984-85.

Teapot, cup and strainer, 20th century.

Underpants, c.1970

'Flower Piece', Jan van Huysum (1682-1749)

Krakauer Clock

Barnsley Coat of Arms

Women against pit closures card, 1980s

Death Penny, First World War

Hurricane before St Malo' by Eugène Louis Gabriel Isabey (1803-1886)

'Interior of the Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent, Constantinople', John Frederick Lewis

Barnsley Brewery commemorative beer bottle

1950s toys