Makaton Mondays

Welcome to 'Makaton Mondays' - brought to you monthly by Barnsley Museums

Each month we are selecting a different object from our collections to tell you more about! 

'Peggy Airey' by Abel Hold
Ceramic figure of a hippo by Rosemary Wren
'Marble Bust of a Veiled Lady' by an unknown artist
An owl shaped jug
Football cap
Stone head
A photo of Alan Hydes alongside his blue England shirt, and a bat and ball

Alan Hydes table tennis collection

a brown pleated hat

Stan Richardson's Hat

A Doll in a seated position wearing a pink and orange top

1960s Giggles Doll

a small green glass swan

A Glass Swan

an empty milk bottle which says please rinse and return on the front

A Milk Bottle

A white helmet covered in stickers with slogans such as coal not dole and save our pits

Coal Not Dole Helmet

Wedding rings on display in the museum including an original Benj Harral's box

Wedding Rings

A blue bottle and stopper with the 'ER' logo on the front

Commemorative Wood Brothers Bottle

Tubes and boxes of tennis balls

Tennis Balls Made at Slazengers

a stone that has face like features

A Mysterious Stone Head