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Barnsley Museums are proud to look after the borough’s unique collections of objects, artworks and archives.  We love to share these treasures and their many, many inspiring stories at our museums and galleries and online.  On this page you can discover highlights from different collections, find out how to get in touch and view a selection of past exhibitions.

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Painting of a large hall with people sitting around the edges and a fountain in the middle

Cooper Gallery

An ornate blue tea pot with white decorations of figures and plants

Cannon Hall Museum

An old fashioned black bicycle with 'Albert Hirst - Celebrated pork pies' written on it in yellow writing

Experience Barnsley Museum

Painting of two figures flying in the sky wearing floating robes of pink and red. Poppies are being dropped to the ground by one of them.

De Morgan Museum

6 white tennis balls in a box, three rackets and a box with Slazenger written on it

Past Exhibitions

A display case in Experience Barnsley with a number of objects including a clock, lampshade made from a beer bottle, glass swans and bottles and miner's lamps.

Enquiries & Research

A view of the I grew Up 80s exhibition including a neon sign, mannequins in 80s dress, movie posters and two bicycles

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Festival of Archaeology

Festival of Archaeology

We're taking part in The Festival of Archaeology 2023 with lots of activities for all the family!