Apply to hold your exhibition at Barnsley Museums

Each year we offer an exciting range of temporary exhibitions across our five Barnsley Museums sites. These can include those that are:

  • touring
  • developed by the museum service team
  • by local groups, artists, schools and community groups
  • curated by invited guests

If you'd like to exhibit your work, please fill in our online application form. You need to apply by 14 November 2023.

Please note: we can't accept applications if you or your group have applied or exhibited within the past five years.

Aims and objectives:

We aim to create an exciting and evolving programme for visitors to Barnsley Museums through:

  • Engaging different people.
  • Creating an outlet for local artists.
  • Profile raising and showcasing artists from all over the world.
  • Partnership working.
  • Creation of income.
  • Showcasing a range of media.


Selection process

To make sure the process is fair and equal, we ask everyone who would like to be considered for an exhibition to complete our exhibition application form. 

The application process to hold an exhibition at Barnsley Museums is in two-stages:

  • Stage 1. The submission is presented at an Exhibitions Application Panel for review. The next meeting is on Wednesday 29 November 2023.
  • Stage 2. Shortlisted applicants are presented to the Head of Museums Service at a programming meeting before confirming.

Your submission will be assessed against the following:

  • Must fit in with our aims and objectives.
  • Connects with the relevant target audience.
  • Has a strong, inspiring theme.
  • Contains a clear vision of the layout and content.

We reserve the right to refuse an application at any point of the process. Shortlisted artists will be contacted to discuss their proposed exhibition further before a final decision is made.

We follow this process to make sure we have a balanced programme that appeals to wide range of people. We schedule this 18 to 24 months in advance and offer up to six exhibition slots per year. Spaces are located at:

  • The Cooper Gallery.
  • The Sadler Room at the Cooper Gallery.
  • Experience Barnsley.
  • Cannon Hall Changing Galleries.

Please note: The Sadler room is sometimes booked out to local community groups and not open to public visitors. This is currently most Monday afternoons and Wednesdays, but this may vary. The current schedule can be discussed when we accept or confirm your application.

If you're successful, you'll be asked to sign an exhibition agreement.



Costs you must cover include:

  • The cost of gallery hire for optional private view at £100.
  • Transport of the exhibits to and from the site.
  • Any other insurance, for example loans.

Insurance for the content of the exhibition will normally be provided by the council.

If you wish to sell your work, our commission is 35% plus VAT (total 42%) of the retail price.


Supplying, installing an removing work

You must install and remove your exhibit. Museum staff will be on hand to advise. If selected, you'll need to meet and discuss your ideas with the exhibition officer.

  • All framed works are to have mirror plates fixed before they are installed.
  • If you've looked at the space before and have a preferred hanging plan then please include this during discussions. We can't guarantee to hang the work exactly to plan, but we will try to do so.
  • You arrange the delivery and collection of work before and after the exhibition.
  • You provide images and text to be used for promotion.
  • You provide ideas for other things that you could run alongside your exhibition. This could include, for example, artist talks or workshops.

Apply to hold your exhibition at Barnsley Museums