Audio Description - Videos

We have been working with VocalEyes to add audio desriptions to some of our films and we'll be adding more to these as they are created.

Eldon Street 1960s Reconstruction
Elsecar 1880 historic reconstruction
Cannon Hall Park & Gardens Restoration
Worsbrough Mill information film
Worsbrough Mill Poem - The Turning by Ian McMillan
Women Business Owners of Eldon Street (HSHAZ)

Slow Moving Art Videos

We have been working with Barnsley College students to make slow moving art videos based on the collections of The Cooper Gallery. Each video contains an audio description and a piece of music composed to match the artwork.

A wooded landscape with a farm' by John Berney Ladbrooke
'Church interior with a woman reading' by Samuel Dukinfield Swarbreck

Listen to audio descriptions from objects in our collections