Calling Barnsley

LUNG are currently developing their newest project 'Calling Barnsley', set to be launched in Autumn 2024.

“At LUNG we are so excited to be co-creating this Verbatim project across Barnsley. LUNG's work is national, touring all across the country, so we are especially looking forward to bringing things back to our roots, and making something locally. We can't wait to see the phone boxes dotted across the town and the voices of Barnsley put centre stage for everyone to hear! In order to create our installation, we are looking to work with people who have personal stories to share. Big stories, small stories, wild stories and local stories." - Helen Monks, Co-Director of LUNG

LUNG will work with Barnsley College students to research, write, and record short playlets based on the lives of members of the public from the Principal Towns. The recordings will be by a mixture of professional actors and students.  Students will then work with LUNG’s technical team to create a series of bespoke phone boxes to be placed in community locations across the Principal Towns and Elsecar. 

LUNG want to hear from you! If you have a personal story you would be happy to share, and if you live in Cudworth, Goldthorpe, Hoyland, Penistone, Royston, Wombwell or Elsecar please get in touch by filling out this form.

LUNG is a national touring, Verbatim theatre company. Founded in Barnsley, England, in 2012, LUNG is campaign-led and uses real life stories to shine a light on political issues in the UK. LUNG became a Barnsley National Portfolio Organisation in 2023.

This project has been commissioned and funded by Barnsley’s Cultural Development Fund programme ‘Storying Barnsley’.

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