Gaming with Eloise Unerman

Eloise ran a series of gaming workshops with the young people in late July 2023, with a follow up session in October 2023.

Eloise worked with around 7 young people to create twine games, where they designed ‘choose your own adventure stories’ to tell interactive, non-linear narratives.

About Eloise

Eloise Unerman writes poetry and game narratives. She creates pixel art and specialises in character animation. The most recent addition to her skill set is proofreading. She was awarded Cuckoo Young Writers Award in Northern Writers Awards 2017 and is currently Barnsley’s Poet Laureate.

Her poetry has won several awards, namely first place in the young people’s category of the Ledbury Poetry Competition 2017 and a commendation in Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2017. When not working, you can find her learning Mandarin and Hebrew and running away from zombies.