Textiles with Charlotte Fairclough

Charlotte ran a workshop with the young people in August. The ten young people created postcards written from Goldthorpe, expressing something they would want to say to someone unfamiliar to the area. Charlotte encouraged the young people to use the postcards to voice their real feelings about Goldthorpe through the use of a medium that was new to most of those involved.

About Charlotte 

Charlotte Fairclough has worked as a Design & Technology teacher for over 14 years with a specialism in textiles. She also has her own practice as a freelance textiles and mixed media artist, working within the community and with charitable organisations since 2019. Her projects include artist educator roles at both the Hepworth and the Art House in Wakefield, developing and delivering wellbeing and family drop-in art sessions. She has also worked for Leeds Playhouse, Creative Recovery Barnsley, and Artfelt Sheffield.