Development of Concept Ideas

Research and orientation

  • It's useful for the artist and steering group to have an initial meeting to get to know each other and so that the artist is aware of the resources, knowledge and contacts contained within the steering group to support them as they deliver the commission. 
  • If the commission is linked to a particular place or location, a site visit is often very useful to ensure the artist is well briefed and gets a clear understanding of key opportunities and constraints.
  • Following this meeting the artist will undertake a period of personal research and may have contact with steering group members individually and other identified individuals, groups or organisations to support this.
  • As part of this phase the artist may engage with the local community to inform the research and to get a good understanding of the context for the artwork.

Developing ideas

  • Following the initial research period the artist should develop a concept proposal or report which outlines their ideas to share with the steering group. 
  • This report may contain - 
    • A summary of the research undertaken and how this has informed the concept ideas
    • Description of key ideas which may be written, illustrated or demonstrated through models 
    • Indicative ideas about materials, sustainability and design life
    • Plans for further development of the idea/ further research or community engagement
    • Indicative plans for fabrication, installation and maintenance
    • An outline budget and timeframe
    • Any other relevant information
  • It is helpful for the artist to be able to present these ideas in person to the steering group to expand on the proposed approach and discuss any questions or queries.
  • If the steering group and artist are happy with the proposed ideas the artist can move forward to the next stage and develop detailed designs.