Finalising ideas

Design development

  • At this stage the artist may conduct further research or community engagement activity to further refine and develop a plan for a detailed design of the artwork.
  • Dependent on the nature of the work the artist may need to work closely with other professionals such as structural engineers, fabricators, architects, planners or others during this phase.
  • The client may be required to subcontract relevant professionals on behalf of the artist.

Detailed design report

  • At this stage the artist brings together all of the ideas, research and information from any relevant subcontractors into a final report for approval by the steering group prior to the fabrication phase starting.
  • The detailed design report may include - 
    • Detailed description of project idea including any visualisations/ models
    • Detailed budget and costings
    • Detailed timeline for delivery
    • Detailed materials specifications
    • Structural engineers report (if applicable)
    • Details of any foundations or fixings
    • Details of any subcontractors
    • Artist and subcontractor insurances
    • Information to support planning applications/ permissions (as applicable)
    • Risk assessment method statement (RAMS) for artwork during installation and once installed
    • Maintenance details
    • Decommissioning plan 

Site and permissions

  • Once the detailed design report is received the project manager/ steering group should seek planning or any other required permissions. This is likely to take a minimum of 8 weeks and should be factored into the project timeframe from the beginning. 
  • Final checks around ownership and underground services should also be conducted in the location/ site for the artwork (if applicable for a permanent/ temporary artwork).