Virtual Victorians - Online


Bring your Victorians topic to life in the classroom with our live 45 minute online workshop! 

Meet the Cook or Housekeeper from Cannon Hall and ask them questions about their job. Watch our video tour of the Hall and take a sneak peak behind the scenes in the Servants’ quarters. Then help us get ready for the Masters’ party that evening. 

Workshop fee includes access to all films, follow up activity worksheets and additional information about the Hall, a pre-session conversation with the facilitator and the workshop itself. Why not book it alongside one of our loan boxes for a truly immersive Victorian experience?

The children loved their experience and were really inspired by it.


The session supported the children in their understanding of the objects and therefore their ability to add the information into their role play. It enabled a rich vocabulary to be added to their narratives and we saw the level of understanding that the children had achieved from the session through their play.