A perfect pond for Worsbrough Mill

An important environmental project is taking place in Worsbrough Mill Country Park that will have a huge impact on flour production at the Mill whilst enhancing the water quality for aquatic wildlife.

The historic mill pond is being dredged for the first time since the 1970’s resulting in the removal of huge volumes of silt and waterweed. The volume of silt built up meant the Mill could not operate at full capacity and the waterweed choked out other plant life.  Removal will result in a flower rich grassland restoration project  to enhance the site.

A team of specialist ecologists were consulted as part of the project to ensure no endangered species were disturbed during the process and to observe and document existing wildlife such as harvest mice. 

The work is part of a larger project which will see more improvements to the natural environment with the ambition being the reinstatement of the Green Flag award for the Country Park.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place (Regeneration and Culture) said:

Worsbrough Mill Country Park is home to a vast array of wildlife and the improvements to the mill pond will have significant benefits to the surrounding biodiversity.  The Country Park has been such an important place over recent months it is wonderful and quite right that we are making further investments in improving this treasured location.

For more information about Worsbrough Mill visit www.worsbrough-mill.com