Five new pieces of artwork created for Barnsley Museums as part of a programme to support local Culture

Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust secured funding of £35,000 to commission a series of stunning art installations across Barnsley Museums locations, which can now be experienced by visitors.

The artworks were made possible through a programme lead by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) dedicated to supporting local culture and its creative industries in the region.

Artworks were focused around locals communities, what Culture means to people and explores and represents key heritage sites across the borough.

Funded by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) through the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) the project is one of seven Prioritised Recovery Projects, part of a £2 million economic investment, also supported by Barnsley Council.

The project helped to boost the local economy as it bounced back from Covid as well as supporting people, businesses, traders, charities and community organisations to safeguard existing jobs as well as creating new jobs and businesses.

Installations include an impactful mural representing Elsecar’s industrial past, a sound and visual piece based on the memories of Elsecar, an immersive musical soundscape leading people around the village of Elsecar, research around Cannon Hall Park and Garden’s natural environment visually represented in a vibrant scrapbook, a hand built vessel showcasing Cannon Hall’s past, a new portrait added to the Cooper Gallery’s outstanding collection, and an exciting and engaging animation bringing pieces from Experience Barnsley’s collection to life.

Kate Brindley, Director of Arts, Culture and Heritage at South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, said: “It is fantastic to see South Yorkshire’s Arts & Culture fund supporting so many organisations that help talented local people and community groups to get back on track following the pandemic.


“With our arts and culture sector being so badly affected, this funding is just what South Yorkshire needs to make a difference to people and our communities where it matters most.”

Lynn Dunning, Head of Barnsley Museums, said: “Barnsley Museums are huge supporters of local artists and the creative industries, and we do this in many different ways. We value their impact on the local economy but vitally the support they offer to health and wellbeing. Barnsley is a hub of creative talent and to see such incredibly diverse, innovative and stunning pieces created that represent our boroughs rich history is a delight. Artists, like many other industries, have been through very tough times and this programme has offered critical support when it’s needed most.

Discover more about the project through a film commissioned by Barnsley Museums now available to view at