The Imaginarium: Adventures in Storyland

Where will your imagination take you?

Join us on an adventure on the Barnsley Museums YouTube Channel and join in with activities below...

Stirring Sea Spoon Puppets

(PDF, 6.77 MB)

Using a wooden spoon, have a go at making your one pirate sea spoon puppets.

Download file - Stirring Sea Spoon Puppets

Astronaut Helmet

(PDF, 2.07 MB)

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut and explore space? Why not make your own astronauts helmet and blast off on an adventure with our imaginarium space adventure.

Download file - Astronaut Helmet

Star Twirler

(PDF, 9.97 MB)

Have a go at making your own star twirler decorate with stars and moons be inspired by our rocket trip adventure story on the Barnsley Museums YouTube channel.

Download file - Star Twirler

I Spy Binoculars

(PDF, 2.47 MB)

Make your own I Spy Binoculars and imagine what you can spot with them!

Download file - I Spy Binoculars

Rocket Back Pack

(PDF, 3.82 MB)

Make your own rocket back pack using empty plastic bottles and blast off!

Download file - Rocket Back Pack