Eldon Street High Street Heritage Action Zone

The Eldon Street High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) is a 4-year partnership project between Barnsley Council and Historic England. It launched in 2020 and will run until the end of March 2024.

Eldon Street, Barnsley was first laid out in the 1840s and quickly became an important gateway to the town. Today Eldon Street forms an important link between the Old Town and the new Glassworks development, at the heart of Barnsley Town Centre. The HSHAZ will help to rejuvenate Eldon Street and improve connectivity within the town.

The HSHAZ is working with local businesses and property owners to fund conservation repairs to key historic buildings on the west side of Eldon Street in Barnsley Town Centre. The landmark project is the Civic, Barnsley, formerly the Barnsley Mechanics Institute and Public Hall. Planning for this project is going well, and we’re hoping to see activity start on site in 2022. The HSHAZ is also working with the local community to uncover and celebrate the stories and often overlooked heritage of one of Barnsley’s most important historic high streets.

Eldon Street stories

We are working closely with colleagues in Barnsley Archives to uncover all sorts of fascinating stories about the street, and the people who have come from across the World to live and work on Eldon Street over the past 180 years. To hear some of these stories, join our virtual walk and talk, which was delivered as part of the Festival for Archaeology earlier this year (full video is approximately 45 minutes long).  

Eldon Street Virtual History Tour

Simon Armitage ‘Barnsley An Unnatural History’ -

We recently launched an Eldon Street residency with Simon Armitage, poet laureate, who is creating new work inspired by Eldon’s Street’s stories. These will be showcased in a performance on Eldon Street in September 2022.

The HSHAZ is also supporting other cultural events and activities on Eldon Street, in conjunction with cultural partners including The Civic Barnsley, Barnsley Libraries and Barnsley College. As part of the cultural programme for the HSHAZ, the Civic, Barnsley are running ‘Teenage Wildlife’ to create a digital archive of memories and photographs of teenage experiences of Eldon Street from the 1950s onwards.

We have also been working with the Civic to create a digital model and online exhibition about the early years of the building. Travel back in time and see what this Barnsley landmark was like when it first opened its doors in January 1878.

Welcome to the Civic launch

Explore the Civic 1878 model and online exhibition

Keep up to date

Find out more about the HSHAZ grants on the main Barnsley Council website - www.barnsley.gov.uk/services/regeneration/eldon-high-street-heritage-action-zone-hshaz/

You can keep up to date with the project on twitter at @EldonHAZ or by following Barnsley Museums on twitter and facebook. You can also read more about the HSHAZ and Eldon Street in our recent blogs.

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