Talks and Tours

Stories of Eldon Street: Virtual walk and talk

We worked closely with volunteers and colleagues in Barnsley Archives to uncover the fascinating stories of Eldon Street, and the people who have come from across the World to live and work here over the past 180 years. To hear some of these stories, join our virtual walk and talk, which was delivered as part of the Festival for Archaeology in 2021 (full video is approximately 45 minutes long).

The Civic in 1878

The Civic, Barnsley, is one of the most prominent historic buildings on Eldon Street. Built as the Mechanics Institute and Public Hall, it opened in 1878 and has supported local people to engage with culture, education and the arts ever since. During the first lockdown in 2020, we worked with the Civic and local artists to create a digital exhibition about the early years of the building. This allowed people to access the building remotely at a time when we couldn’t visit in person. Travel back in time and see what this Barnsley landmark was like when it first opened its doors in 1878.

The Civic 360° tour

Step back in time to see how The Civic looked when it opened in 1878 or take a more contemporary view of the same building in 2021