BeastEL: Eldon Street HSHAZ game

Beast EL card game cover - a maze building creature card game for 5+ age

BeastEL is a maze-building creature card-game, set in the Goblin Market beaneath Eldon Street!

It’s a fun game, enjoyed by friends and families alike.

Age: 5+

Players: 1-4

(If there are more than 4 in your group, why not team up and deal 3 cards to each team instead of each player?)

You can play BeastEL on your own or with others.  When playing with others you can choose to work together for a common goal, or to play against each other!

Whichever way you choose to play, you will always need to decide whether you are going to try and free the beast from the under-market or trap it there forever!

BeastEL was created by Story Trails for the Eldon Street High Street Heritage Action Zone, commissioned by Barnsley Museums with funding from Barnsley Council and Historic England.

Written and Created by Beccy Dye of Story Trails

With Artwork by Jessica Stead and Emma Iggo.

BeastEL was playtested by students and tutors from Barnsley College's Games Course:

  • Jopseph Bowman
  • Tobias Dingnall
  • Corey Stokes
  • Jack Brown
  • Mitchell Whittaker
  • Alexandru Julian Soare
  • Connor Radford
  • Nathan Whitehead
  • Warner Marsden
  • Barney Martin
  • Declan Henshaw
  • Logan White
  • Keith Wilkes
  • Daniel Brown
  • Marshall Fierka
  • Ben Edgar

Jack Brown and Logan White are students who also shared game-mechanic ideas that went on to influence the final game-design.


How to Play!


Playing Against Each Other

Playing Together


Create Your Own Way to Play!

You can also create your own ways to play!  For example, why not try placing the ESCAPE card near one edge of the table at the start.  Then place the START the card in the centre of the table, and try and reach the ESCAPE card?!

Remember to Share Your Game! @EldonHaz #EldonStreet

Where to Play!

BeastEL decks can be found in venues all around Barnsley Centre.  Simply ask for the game and you will be provided with a deck to play.  When you’re finished, please put everything back into the box and return it.

List of venues that have a copy of the game:

Library @ The Lightbox

Falco Lounge

Spiral City (Victorian Arcade)

Jolly Tap on the Arcade

Experience Barnsley


If you would like your own copy to play at home, then download it here to print for yourself.