The Caravan Gallery: Wombwell Pride of Place Project

Barnsley Museums commissioned artists Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale of The Caravan Gallery to create a participatory project celebrating the town of Wombwell, five miles outside of Barnsley. They spent time photographing the area and meeting local people before returning to Wombwell High Street for a week in autumn 2019 with an exhibition in their unique mobile gallery and museum.

Jan and Chris invited local people, including members of community groups and students from Barnsley College, to contribute their own Wombwell-related stories, memories, artwork, and ephemera to the exhibition in the caravan, and a museum case in Wombwell Library.

The Caravan Gallery would like to thank Gaby Lees and Barnsley Museums for commissioning the project, Wombwell Library staff, Wombwell Heritage Group and all who have contributed. The project will continue online in a specially created website.

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