Earl Fitzwilliam: Raising water by fire - Half Day Workshop


Explore Elsecar, handle objects and find out more about the Earl Fitzwilliam and the Newcomen Beam Engine in this half day workshop.

Pupils will investigate the Earl Fitzwilliam’s purchase of the Newcomen Engine, handle real objects, and take a tour of the site to find out more about coal mining in the area.

Pupils will describe in simple terms how fossils are formed
Pupils will observe that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled
Pupils will make a local history study
Pupils will study a site dating from a period beyond 1066 which is significant in the locality


Accessibility information for Elsecar Heritage Centre can be found here including visual stories and photographs to help plan your visit.

We are happy to help and make any adjustments for a range of access needs, please contact us before your visit to discuss this.


‘It has been an amazing day! The children have been kept busy and have enjoyed every minute! The staff have all been fantastic and the children have learnt lots!’